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Our clients, both large and small,
use us like an internal resource:
frequently and without ceremony. We
know their businesses well,
which means we can help them effectively.

how we can help

We assist our clients to buy and sell businesses and companies, deal with shareholder disputes; negotiate complicated contracts with suppliers and clients and deal with the myriad problems that can arise in any business, whether it is a large multi-national organisation or a small, family run business.

We provide rapid, commercial and cost-effective advice that can make the difference between success and failure in any venture.

By getting to know your business well, we are in a position to help you when unexpected problems come up.

Lead contact – Suzanne Eva

Suzanne heads up the corporate team and has more than 25 years’ experience in corporate transactional work.

...They are flexible, pragmatic and reassuring, they know what they are good at and can turn things around quickly...

Sue Stoneman, CEO, NKD

how can we help you?

+44 20 7099 7320