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We provide practical, commercial, no-nonsense employment advice for your business and for you.

We advise businesses in all sectors on all their non-contentious employment issues. Employment law is changing all the time and will continue to do so: businesses need to keep up with what is happening.  We can help you, whether you are a start-uo with two or three employees or a multi-national with hundreds of employees in the UK.  We advise on everything from staff handbook, HR policies and employment contracts to disciplinary issues and terminations.

We also work with senior individuals, whether going into a new job (advising on their service contract and share schemes) or coming out of one (negotiating settlement agreements).  Proper advice can be critical to getting the best deal for you.

In the context of the “gig economy”, we advise on the categorising and rights of employees, workers and self-employed contractors.

We bring many years of experience in the employment sector, combining it with practical, commercial and timely advice, responding rapidly and helpfully to your queries.

Lead contact – Suzanne Eva

Suzanne heads up the employment team and has over 25 years’ experience in the field.


...Suzanne is extremely competent, has a deep understanding of our business and adds significant value to my team – I consider her an extension of my management board....

Sue Stoneman CEO, NKD

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