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Alexander Robinson
Director - Operations & Finance

  • data room services
  • client support
  • billing and invoicing queries

"Alex makes things happen, both for the firm and for our clients."

Rory Graham

Alex set up his first tech business at the age of 13 and has subsequently set up and managed companies in the UK and Australia.

He joined the firm in early 2014 to provide management and business development support to the firm and its clients.

Alex particularly enjoys working with  early stage tech companies, for which he provides business support and strategic advice.  He also provides deal support on major transactions.

Alex accompanied Rory Graham on a recent business development trip to the West and East Coasts of the United States of America, with a follow-up planned for early 2018.

Alex runs a property portfolio and has also established his own wine-tasting business, Tasting Domaine, and leads very enjoyable Wine Tasting and Networking Events for the firm’s clients and friends.

Alex was a chorister at Lichfield Cathedral and attended Ellesmere College, Shropshire.

Note: Alex is not a solicitor and does not provide legal advice.  His advice on wine, though, is generally sound.

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