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Running a business is rarely a peaceful, steady state existence.  Opportunities – to acquire or be acquired – and challenges – changes in law or the business environment – constantly arise.  You need seasoned, knowledgeable and supportive legal and business advice.

We’ve taken numerous clients through M&A and funding rounds; strategic alliances and “bet the company” outsourcings.  We’ve seen disagreements with key suppliers and customers and juggled the competing pressures in re-negotiations.  We have sorted out partnership and shareholder disputes and employment problems.

We provide a reassuring, authoritive and clear voice in your ear – and we will roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to help too.

Lead contact – Rory Graham

Rory is trusted by general counsel of global tech companies, as well as providing general counsel services himself to start-ups.

...Practical advice rather then academic musings...

Dr Mark Catherall, Managing Director, Canopy Simulations

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